Works in Exhibition

The Center for Land Use Interpretation and the Museum of Jurassic Technology as a Camera Obscura, text on display window.

La Jetée (Chris Marker, 1962–63), Beginning and Ending Frames / Zapruder Film (Abraham Zapruder, 1963), Consecutive Frames, film stills on either side of the facing-entrance wall.

A Wedding in which the Bride Projects Her Groom, two screen video installation with facing projections at 3' apart.

One-Hundred-Sixty-One-Year Exposure / One Hundred Twenty-Fifth of a Second Exhibition, installation.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology Façade as a Space for Nymphs (Prostitutes) and Bees (Nymphs) Relative to Works by Courbet, Duchamp, and Wall, series of Durst prints.

Matt Mullican’s Childhood Bedroom in the Foyer of the Marc Foxx Gallery, drawing.

Sunrise Screening of Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark as Honeybee Interaction with Quantum Fields, video.

Site Marker from the Geographer’s View of Keith Edmier as an Embryo in the Terminus of the Getty Museum Garden Designed by Robert Irwin,  inkjet print.

Underskirt (Detail) as Postpartum Uterus Involution, photograph framed in an antique oval, bubble-glass frame.

Vehicular Circumambulation Around Gradiva, video.

Walk Around the Box, video.

Matt Mullican Installation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
with Partial Realization of His Childhood Home, drawing.