Although the three Luo Brothers (Luo Widong, Luo Weiguo and Luo Weibing) frequently use elements of traditional Chinese New Year's posters in their own  designs, they had never created a poster before. So they jumped at the opportunity to co-produce a poster for The Asian Poster exhibition at Track 16 Gallery.

The brothers are best known for their ironic lacquer paintings, which have been shown at prominent museums and art events across Asia and Europe. Born in Guangxi, the Luo brothers moved to the Artists Village in Yuanmingyuan, Beijing, in 1994. Recently, they developed "Welcome to the World's Famous Brands" series in response to the onslaught of Western products in Mainland China.

The poster features a new Famous Brands artwork--a swirl of Cultural Revolutionary babies clutching Western hamburgers, cameras, watches, cars, and sodas. Chinese script on a red banner says, "Make Lots of Big Money."

Arnold Pander, a Portland-based artist, provided the overall poster design, enthusiastically approved by the Luo brothers. A limited quantity was printed and will be available to purchase during the exhibition for $20.

Their work has appeared at the Mori Art Center in Tokyo, Australia, Hong Kong, art "Welcome to the World's Famous Brands 2005"

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