Cross/ing: Time°Space°Movement
presents the work of African artists who are no longer bounded by the old affiliations of geography and race, yet inevitably reflect their common claim to Africa in their work. The exhibition features the work of five female and five male artists from throughout the continent who cross racial divides--artists who by the nature of their practice and cultural milieu belong in a larger world and who traverse numerous physical, conceptual and metaphysical geographies of contemporary art and reality. Curated by Olu Oguibe, Cross/ing challenges viewer's expectations of African art--and in the range and variety of works challenges even the foundation of those expectations. Included in the exhibition is sculpture, painting, drawing, video, electronic art, installations, and photography that reinforce Oguibe's definition of movement as the human condition at the end of the twentieth century. Beyond the geographic, the exhibition explores the transitory nature of existence and in its curatorial focus departs from exhibitions that tend to exoticise Africa and its contemporaneity.

smart art press catalogue

Gordon Bleach
Gold Mote: gomo, Zimbabwe from "Double Vision: The Mote Series", 1997

Folake Shoga
Like Something Not Very Concrete,1994

Oladélé Bamgboyé
Images from the series "Celebrate", 1994

Marcia Kure
Woman Giving Birth, 1997