November 18 - January 20, 2001

The work of Mexican-born artist Enrique Chagoya addresses issues of multiculturalism and globalism, history and popular memory, colonialism and cultural imperialism, pop culture and art history, with a biting satire that illuminates the hypocrisies of contemporary life. His work draws upon a variety of visual traditions and cultural stereotypes, icons of both high and low culture: popular super heroes, Disney characters, political figures, fragments from the work of European Masters from the Renaissance through the twentieth century, Catholic imagery, and pre-Columbian iconography. In his recent work, Chagoya has inverted Western cultural traditions by assuming the point of view of a "primitive" artist mining the art and culture of Western Europe, as European artists like Gauguin and Picasso mined the cultures of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

His exhibition at Track 16 Gallery, utopiancannibal.org, includes satirical works based on nineteenth-century prints as well as a series of codex pieces consisting of oil an acrylic paint on bark paper. With this new work, Enrique Chagoya continues to challenge the viewer to think about familiar imagery in new ways and to understand the complex cultural politics of the new world order.