Magazine covers

Thomas Nast from Harper's Weekly

W.W. Denslow's Night Before Christmas


Original artwork

Christmas home

Edward Penfield
Harper's Christmas Issue Poster (Man reading)

Harrison Fisher
Have You Answered the Red Cross Call

The Inland Printer

Sunset Magazine Poster

Louis J. Rhead
St. Nicholas (The Beautiful Christmas Number)

J.J. Gould, Jr.
Lippingcott's December

1. 10,000,000 Members by Christmas - Red Cross Lithograph. c. 1918.

2. Christmas Pantomime! Color lithograph. c. 1850.

3. Christmas Pleasure Strawbridge & Clothier Lithograph. n.d..

4. Fete de Noel - Societe Francaise Lithograph. 1896.

5. Joy Be With You . . . A Merry Christmas Mathers and Company, Chicago, IL Lithograph. 1924.

6. Little Santa Claus (Philadelphia Press Art Supplement) Chromolithograph. December 19, 1897.

7. Outing for December - Christmas Issue Poster The International News Co., New York & London Lithograph. 1895.

8. Send a Bond to the Folks Back Home - See Your Finance Officer Lithograph. 1943.

9. St. Nicholas Christmas Number (Red Riding Hood) Lithograph. 1896.

10. St. Nicholas Is What I Want Lithograph. n.d..

11. Sunset Magazine Poster Lithograph. Christmas 1902.

12. Weihnachts-Bescherung der Kinder der Arbeitslosen (Christmas Benefit for Children of the Unemployed) Lithograph. c. 1925.

13. Without Them What Would Christmas Be? (Murad Cigarettes Advertisement) Lithograph. c. 1910.

14. Ferdinand Bac Lithograph. Figaro Illustré Christmas Number Poster.

15. John Reuben Bacon The Art Interchange Poster Chomo lithograph. Christmas 1897.

16. Ernest Hamlin Baker Buy Christmas Seals - Fight Tuberculosis Lithograph. 1925.

17. Barnes To Date - For - Christmas Lithograph. December 1895.

18. E.H. Blashfield Red Cross Christmas Roll Call Lithograph. 1918.

19. William Bradley Gorham Suggestions Advertisement Lithographic print on paper (The Bookman). 1899.

20. William Bradley The Inland Printer Lithograph. Christmas 1895.

21. William Bradley St. Nicholas for Young Folks Lithograph. c. 1900.

22. L.N. Britton Ten Million New Members by Christmas - Join the Red Cross Halftone Lithograph. c. 1918.

23. Maynard Dixon Sunset Magazine Poster Lithograph. December 1904.

24. Adolf Duhn The Present WIth A Future - War Bonds Offset on paper. 1942.

25. Harvey Ellis Harper's Magazine Cover Poster Lithograph. Christmas 1898.

26. Harrison Fisher Have You Answered the Red Cross Call Lithograph. 1918.

27. Harrison Fisher Woman with Santa Mask Offset lithograph. c. 1910.

28. Charles Dana Gibson Christmas Scribners Lithograph. 1899.

29. J.J. Gould Lippincott's December Poster Lithograph. 1896.

30. J.J. Gould, Jr. Lippingcott's December Printed poster. c. 1930.

31. Eugéne Grasset Harper's Magazine Christmas Lithograph. 1897.

32. Ray Greenleaf Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call Lithograph. 1918.

33. Ernest Haskell The Critic Magazine Christmas Issue Poster Printed paper mounted on cardboard with red type. 1903.

34. H. Henry The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine Poster Offset print on paper. December 1899.

35. G. Hunt The Same to You Sir . n.d..

36. G. Hunt A Merry Christmas and Happy New year in London . n.d..

37. Rockwell Kent Buy Christmas Seals - The National Tuberculosis Association Printed poster on board. 1939.

38. J. Keppler The Court of King Christmas Lithograph. c. 1890.

39. J. Keppler Uncle Sam's Merry Christmas Lithograph. c. 1890.

40. J.C. Leyendecker The Saturday Evening Post Cover Poster Offset on paper. December 23, 1939.

41. Frank A. Nankivell Puck Magazine Poster Lithograph. Christmas 1899.

42. Norton The Inland Printer Lithograph. December 1902.

43. Maxfield Parrish The Christmas Scribner's Lithograph. n.d..

44. Edward Penfield Collier's Christmas Poster (Santa Reading) Lithograph. 1903.

45. Edward Penfield Collier's Christmas Poster Lithograph. 1903.

46. Edward Penfield Collier's Yule-Tide Number Printed Paper. December 24, 1904.

47. Edward Penfield December Metropolitan Christmas Lithograph. c. 1890.

48. Edward Penfield Harper's Christmas (Santa and woman dancing) Lithograph. 1895.

49. Edward Penfield Harper's Christmas Issue Poster (Man reading) Printed poster. c. 1890.

50. Edward Penfield Harper's Christmas Issue Poster (Woman reading Lithograph. c. 1890.

51. Edward Penfield Greetings Brown ink printed on tan paper. 1922-1923.

52. Edward Penfield Harper's Christmas Poster Lithograph. 1898.

53. Edward Penfield Merry Xmas Printed poster. 1921.

54. Edward Penfield R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. December Calender Lithograph. .

55. Edward Penfield The Christmas Scribner's Poster Lithograph. n.d..

56. Louis J. Rhead Harper's Bazaar Lithograph. Christmas 1894.

57. Louis J. Rhead The Century (Santa with plum pudding) Lithograph. 1895.

58. Louis J. Rhead St. Nicholas for Boys and Girls (Santa with holly bough) n.d.. The Century Company, New York.

59. Louis J. Rhead Scribner's For Xmas Lithograph. .

60. Louis J. Rhead St. Nicholas (The Beautiful Christmas Number) Lithograph. December 1895.

61. Louis J. Rhead The Bookman Christmas Issue Poster Lithograph. .

62. Jessie Wilcox Smith Have you a Red Cross service flag? Lithograph. 1918.

63. Don Snider Give War Bonds - The Present with a Future Lithograph. 1943.