Track 16 Gallery is one of the largest art galleries in Los Angeles offering over 5,000 square feet for special events. In addition to 5000 square feet of exhibition space, the gallery's unique features include a vintage diner, the original Brown Derby Wilshire Neon Sign, and a 23 foot long antique western bar from 1910s Utah. Track 16 Gallery hosts one-of-a-kind events ranging from intimate gatherings to gala receptions.

The gallery's exhibition space consists of six rooms anchored by the 51 x 58 foot Mainspace. The 1929 diner is decked out in original starburst chrome, black and white tile, Tennessee marble, and a Mahogany ceiling. Many events have used the diner to serve appetizers or deserts. It's a great retreat from the bustle of the crowd.

The original 1926 Brown Derby neon sign from the famous Wilshire Boulevard restaurant that fed celebrities and common Angelenos for over fifty years sits up high above the floor.

Made of oak, mirror, and stained glass, the gallery's 23 foot long art deco bar was saved from prohibition and demolition in 1917 and brought to California.

Track 16 Gallery is located two blocks from the 10 Freeway at Bergamot Station Arts Center near Santa Monica's entertainment district. Parking at Bergamot Station is available free of charge. Track 16 Gallery has held numerous movie premier, corporate, charity, and wrap events over the last fourteen years.

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